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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish, BA

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William J. Nowak, PhD, Coordinator
S1009, 713-221-8673

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish is designed especially for professionals and encourages the integration of Spanish language studies as an essential component of professional development. Students will complete a concentration in a field of academic study that suits their professional goals as well as an internship in which the use of Spanish is required. By combining the academic study of Spanish language and culture with the professional world, students will be well positioned for employment opportunities in which bilingualism is an asset.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates who earn a BA in Spanish will be able to:

  • Write a business letter in Spanish.
  • Analyze the historical and literary context of a key Hispanic author or film director, producing a brief written explanation of that author’s or director’s importance.
  • Deliver clear and comprehensible oral presentations in academic Spanish, using PowerPoint.
  • Engage in and understand professional-level conversations in Spanish.
  • Recognize at least three regional variants of spoken Spanish.
  • Write an eight-page (minimum) research paper, producing a coherent argument to analyze a complex situation or phenomenon. Proper MLA citation of sources, including at least three in Spanish, is required.

Degree Requirements

To complete a BA in Spanish, students must satisfy the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” and fulfill the coursework listed below. Students bypassing foreign language classes because of placement must make up those hours in another foreign language or in Hispanic Culture courses. Courses that award semester credit hours in excess of 3 for any foreign language course may be applied toward a free elective. Graduating seniors must submit a portfolio of five of their best written assignments, chosen from work completed in several of their upper-level Spanish courses at UHD.

Common Core Requirements

See listing under Common Core Requirements  in this catalog.

Preparatory Requirements

(Courses in this area cannot be reused from the common core)

3 Hours in Ethics:

Complete 3 semester credit hours of Philosophy (excluding PHIL 2384 , PHIL 3384 , and PHIL 4098 )

6 Hours in Intermediate SPAN:

Complete 6 semester credit hours from SPAN 2301  and SPAN 2302 ; or SPAN 2311  and SPAN 2312 ; or 6 semester credit hours from any 33XX or 43XX level Spanish courses; or if intermediate Spanish is bypassed due to placement at a higher level, 6 semester credit hours from the following list of courses:

15 Upper-Level Hours:

Complete 15 upper-level semester credit hours in Spanish

18 Hours in Concentration:

Complete 18 semester credit hours, including at least 9 upper-level semester credit hours, in one single discipline or area of study.

Free Electives

Majors are required to complete a sufficient number of elective semester credit hours so that their entire coursework, including the above required courses, totals 120 semester credit hours. Upper or lower-level courses may be applied to this area, with the exceptions described under the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” section.

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