Apr 11, 2021  

Marketing, BBA

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Marketing faculty: Cohen, Conde, S. Davis, T. Davis, Dillard, Jayasankar, Pettiette, Pointer, Strain

Marketing is the study of products, placement, promotion, pricing, and sales. Marketing is a function that every successful business needs, and it is a field broad enough to have careers for all types of people with many different skills and interests. Graduates find rewarding careers in many occupations, such as product management, marketing research, marketing analytics, sales and purchasing, promotions, advertising, retail management, consumer behavior, and many others.

The marketing program at UHD is designed to allow students the freedom to direct their marketing education toward a preferred skillset while also providing the marketing fundamentals needed for any career in marketing. This flexibility will allow graduates to achieve targeted skills to position themselves for competitive jobs in major industries, and to thrive therein.

Program Outcomes

  1. The student will describe the target market using market segmentation variables.
  2. The student will explain the consumer decision process including the role of major influences on the process.
  3. The student will conduct data analyses and present findings of research.

Bachelor of Business Administration Programs

All majors within the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program administered by the Marilyn Davies College of Business share a common core of general education requirements and a common core of business course requirements. These two core areas must be completed in addition to the major discipline requirements.

Students must complete all general education core requirements prior to enrolling in upper-division courses. Upon completion of the Common Core requirements and earning the requisite GPA, students should file for admission to the Marilyn Davies College of Business.

Degree Requirements

Preparatory Requirements

All students seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston-Downtown must complete the common core requirements.

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

Common core requirements may be filled by taking any of the courses listed as options under the heading of Common Core Requirements detailed in the Undergraduate Academic Programs section. To fulfill the Mathematics requirement, MATH 1324, or equivalent, is required. To fulfill the institutional requirement, UHD 1302 - Freshman Seminar- Mathematics, specifically “Business Computer Applications”, is recommended for freshman students. Transfer students who have not completed the institutional requirement are recommended to take UHD 2301 - University Seminar-Communication specifically “Going Virtual: Communication in Cyberspace.”

Business Core Requirements (45-48 hours)

Degree Requirements

Preparatory Requirements (42 hours)

Students must complete all common core requirements listed under the heading of Common Core Requirements  detailed in the Undergraduate Academic Programs section prior to enrolling in upper-level courses.

Business Core Requirements (48 hours)

See the list of Business Core requirements under the section titled Bachelor of Business Administration Programs.

Marketing Major Requirements (30 hours)

Total: (120 hours)

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