Feb 28, 2021  

Safety Management, BAAS

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Vassilios Tzouanas, MME, Coordinator
N713, 713-226-5272

Students enrolled in the Safety Management program will be exposed to the human and equipment aspects of safety. They will also be trained in the ability to absorb new technologies generated from industry. The Engineering Technology program will develop personnel able to apply the most modern technologies to assure the safety operation of current enterprises. As such, the program produces graduates who:

  • have a sound foundation in safety management, management of organizations, human factors, domestic terrorism, and industrial safety, hygiene and loss prevention
  • are all-around individuals with strong social skill, able to work in team environments, competent in communication and information presentation, and with a strong sense of professionalism
  • are committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

The BAAS degree is intended for recipients of the AAS degree awarded by community or junior colleges. These programs extend for 4 or more semesters and include 60 semester credit hours, although some programs include additional semester hours. The degree requires a grade of “C” or better in all engineering technology (ENGR, ET, and EET) courses.

Degree Requirements

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

See the Common Core Requirements  section of the catalog for Undergraduate Academic Programs.

Major Requirements

Approved Safety Management Electives


It is the student’s responsibility to verify that any course prerequisites in the current Undergraduate Catalog are satisfied.

Total: (120 hours)

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