Jul 13, 2020  

Applied Statistics - Biostatistics Concentration, BS

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The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Statistics with concentration in Biostatistics is designed to provide students with a broad overview of statistics and its applications in biological sciences. This degree plan is specifically designed for students who intend to be employed in life and health sciences requiring statistical tools.

The mathematical component of this plan is designed to prepare students to develop and use analytical and problem-solving skills, to master mathematical techniques and to enter the employment market with relevant and proficient statistical tools. This degree plan offers many features to enhance a student’s educational experience: the required natural sciences component provides students with knowledge and understanding in biology; the application of statistics in biological sciences; and sustained development of writing and speaking proficiency. It will help prepare students for various graduate or professional programs in statistics and biostatistics. A student of this program, after completing the courses listed in the Biostatistics Core, may then choose electives that seem most suitable to their interests. Pre-med students having completed this concentration can fulfill TMDSAS undergraduate course requirements for Texas medical and dental school admission if they choose the courses with * among their electives. Students are encouraged to consult their advisors for further suggestions about which electives are most suitable, based on their goals and preferences.

Program Outcomes

The program outcomes for a degree in Applied Statistics are:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of statistics;
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of computational procedures and use of statistical packages;
  • Demonstrate analytic and critical thinking, problem-solving skills;
  • Communicate statistical knowledge;
  • Apply statistical procedures to real-world problems;
  • Analyze data and summarize results.

The degree requires a minimum of 120 semester credit hours as indicated below. Students must have a grade of C or better in any course in computer science, mathematics or statistics that is applied towards the degree.

Degree Requirements

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

See the Common Core Requirements  section of the catalog for Undergraduate Academic Programs. Observe that MATH 2305  satisfies both the mathematics requirement of the Common Core and a mathematics requirement for the applied statistics degree plan with Biostatistics Concentration. BIOL 1301 /BIOL 1101  and BIOL 1302 /BIOL 1102  satisfy both the science requirement of the Common Core and a natural science requirement for the applied statistics degree plan with Biostatistics Concentration.

Major Requirements

Technical Writing Requirement (3 hours)

Complete one of the following three sequences:


Students with a GPA of at least 3.0 are required to take STAT 4395 . Other students are required to take either STAT 4395  or a department approved W-course. Either STAT 4318  or STAT 4397  must be taken before either STAT 4395  or a W-course.


*Courses are candidates for W-courses with department approval.

Minor in Natural Sciences and Additional Natural Science Requirements (27 hours)

Approval from Natural Science Department for a minor in sciences (bioinformatics, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, or microbiology is recommended) and for additional science courses to complete a minimum of 27 hours.

Free Electives

(Sufficient hours to complete a minimum of 120 hours)
Pre-med students should take PHYS 1307 */PHYS 1107 * and PHYS 1308 */PHYS 1108 * as electives.

Total: (120 hours)

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