Feb 21, 2024  

Sociology Minor

Joanna Kaftan, PhD, Coordinator
N1044, 713-221-8299

Minor Programs

Students seeking minors in CHSS must maintain a grade point average for all courses taken at UH-Downtown of at least 2.0, receive a grade of C or better in all courses applied toward the minor, and must meet all requirements of the chosen minor, including prerequisites for courses taken toward the minor. All minor programs in the Department of Social Sciences require at least 9 hours upper-level coursework in residence at UHD. Internship/field experience courses may not apply toward any minors in the Department of Social Sciences.

6 Hours:

Complete 6 semester credit hours from any Sociology course (SOC) and/or SOS 2308 .

9 Upper-Level Hours:

Complete 9 semester credit hours from the following list of 33XX or 43XX level Sociology course and/or SOC 3301 .