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Criminal Justice, Bachelors of Science

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Ashley Blackburn, Ph.D., Chair
C340G, 713-222-5326

Michael R. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., Assistant Chair
C340R, 713-226-5578

Criminal Justice Academic Advisor 
La’Tandra Semiens

Criminal Justice Academic Advisor 
Lee Smith

Major in Criminal Justice

Course work leading to a bachelor’s degree equips students with a foundation in criminological theories and criminal justice processes, including analytical and critical thinking skills. The Criminal Justice faculty strive to prepare students to be effective leaders in criminal justice and related fields, as well as research and advanced studies.

Program Outcomes

Graduates who earn a BS in Criminal Justice will be able to:

  • Critically analyze crime and justice issues.
  • Apply criminological and justice system theories to the study of crime and justice.
  • Communicate effectively about criminal justice topics.
  • Analyze criminal justice ethical dilemmas and develop sound courses of action.
  • Apply research methods and statistical analyses to criminal justice problems.

Degree Requirements

University requirements:

  • A minimum of 120 credit hours that count toward program completion;
  • Of the credit hours that count toward program completion, 30 must be taken at UH-Downtown;
  • Of the credit hours completed toward the degree plan requirements, 36 of these credits (inclusive of transferable hours and UH-Downtown credits) must be for upper-level coursework (3000 and above);
  • Of the minimum of 36 upper-level credits, at least 18 credits must be completed at UH-Downtown; and
  • For coursework completed at UH-Downtown (inclusive of lower- and upper-levels), a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Department requirements:

  • At least 24 hours of Criminal Justice coursework (inclusive of transferable hours and UH-Downtown credits) toward the degree be at the upper level (3000 and above);
  • Of the total program credit hours 24 hours of Criminal Justice coursework (inclusive of lower- and upper-level) be completed at UH-Downtown; and

For all upper-level Criminal Justice courses completed at UH-Downtown, a minimum GPA of 2.0

Preparatory Requirements

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

See listing under Common Core Requirements  in this Catalog

Criminal Justice Writing Intensive Courses (6 hours)

Students must take two upper-division Criminal Justice courses that include substantial written assignments. These courses, designated as “W courses”, assure students of opportunities to use and further refine their writing skills within the context of the major field of study. The following upper-division criminal justice courses have been designated as writing intensive:

Supplemental Concentration (12 hours)

Students must select 12 hours of non-criminal justice course work of which nine hours must be 3000-4000 level courses. The courses must be approved by the criminal justice advisor in the College of Public Service.

Electives (9-15 hours)

To be selected from any department at any level, with the following restrictions: Developmental courses (ENG 1300 , MATH 0300 , MATH 1300  and RDG 1300 ), or their equivalent, which may not apply to graduation requirements. No more than 25% of the hours presented for graduation may be credits in business. Electives are an important part of the degree program and should be selected in consultation with an academic advisor. (If the world community requirement is fulfilled by any course that meets another degree requirement, the total of elective hours is 9-15.)

Minor Option

Students have the option of completing a minor in an academic program other than Criminal Justice. Minors must be officially declared with an academic advisor. Students interested in minor options should speak to their academic advisor as these courses would impact the Supplemental Concentration and Elective credits noted above. Minor options can be reviewed in the Catalog under Major and Minor Fields of Study Listed Alphabetically  .

Total: (120 hours)

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