Dec 06, 2023  

Sociology, BS

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Joanna Kaftan, PhD, Coordinator
N1044, 713-221-8299

The program in sociology leading to a Bachelor of Science degree may prepare a student for graduate school in sociology or in other disciplines of behavioral or social sciences. It also serves as preparation for entry-level positions in public sector social service agencies or in business. The study of sociology provides a unique perspective for studying complex social problems including poverty, deviant behaviors such as crime, violence, and drug use. Further, courses in sociology address the functional importance of social institutions such as the family, religion, government, education, mass media, and health care delivery.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates who earn a BS in Sociology will be able to demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the scientific method in critical analysis and problem solving as applied to sociological issues.
  • Understanding of theoretical perspectives (explanatory paradigms) of sociology.
  • Understanding of key sociological concepts in describing social behavior, social forces and actions of individuals).
  • Knowledge of substantive findings in subfields of Sociology (such as: social inequality, minority groups, deviance, family, health & illness, migration, globalization).

Degree Requirements

To complete a BS in Sociology, students must satisfy the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” and fulfill the coursework listed below.

Common Core Requirements

See listing under Common Core Requirements  in this catalog.

Preparatory Requirements

(Courses in this area cannot be reused from the common core)

3 Hours in Nonverbal Analysis:

Complete 3 semester credit hours in Math, Natural Science, or Computer Science.

9 Hours in Sociology

Complete 9 semester credit hours in Sociology (SOC), Social Sciences (SOS or Anthropology) at any level (reusable from the common core).

21 Upper-Level Hours in Select Behavioral Sciences:

Complete 21 semester credit hours in Sociology (SOC), Social Sciences (SOS), or Anthropology (ANTH) at the 33XX or 43XX level.

3 Capstone Hours:

Complete 3 semester credit hours in either SOS 4301 - Special Projects in the Social Sciences  or SOS 4380 - Field Experience in the Social Sciences .

Free Electives

Upper or lower division courses may be applied to this area, with the exceptions described under the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ,” so that the student’s entire coursework, including the above requirements, totals 120 semester credit hours.

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