Feb 21, 2024  


Office of the President

Juan Sánchez Muñoz

Executive Associate to the President
Vanessa Pigeon

Title IX/Equity and Diversity Officer
Erika Harrison

Director, Center for Student Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
John Hudson

Director, Events & Alumni Relations
Liza Alonzo

Office of Academic & Student Affairs

Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Eric Link

Vice President, Enrollment Management
Jimmy Jung

Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Registrar
Daniel Villanueva

Executive Director, Enrollment Management
Ceshia Love
Director, Campus Solutions Services
Rocio Beiza

Executive Director, Student Communications and Transitions Programs
Jenna Tabakman

Director, Testing Services
Robert Alonzo
Director, Student Communications and CRM
Courtney Schroeder
Director, Student Transition Programs
Eugene Bernard

 Director, Financial Aid
 LaTasha Goudeau     

Senior Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Faiza Khoja

Director, Institutional Assessment
Lea Campbell
Director, Institutional Research
Carol M. Tucker
Director, Quality Enhancement Program and Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
Poonam Salhotra
Director, Institutional Data Analytics
Nazly Dyer
Project Director, Title V Accelerated Transfer Program
Krysti Turnquest

Associate Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students 

Interim Dean, Students 
Meritza Tamez
Director, Career Development Center
Katherine Knapp
Director, Disability Services
Hope Pamplin
Director, Sports and Fitness
Richard Sebastiani
Director, Veterans Services
Richard Selvera
Director, Student Activities
Tremaine Kwasikpui
Director, Minority Male Recruitment

Associate Vice President for Faculty Research & Sponsored Programs
Jerry Johnson

Director, Research & Sponsored Programs
Brandi Irving-Smith

Executive Director, W.I. Dykes Library
Patricia Ensor
Executive Director, Financial Affairs for the Office of the Provost
Chris Rodney
Executive Director, Academic and Student Affairs
Lucy Bowen
Associate Vice President for Programming and Curriculum
Michelle Moosally
Executive Director, Off-Campus Locations and Online Coordination
Louis D. Evans III
Director, Applied Business and Technology Center
G. V. Krishnan

Dean, Marilyn Davies College of Business
Charles Gengler

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies 
Justo Manrique
Chair, Finance & Management Information Systems
Utpal Bose
Chair, General Business, Marketing and Supply Chain
Jeff Davis
Chair, Accounting and International Business
Zishang Liu
Chair, Management and Insurance Risk Management
Ethan Waples
Executive Director, Instruction and Faculty Development
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship 
William Dudley
Director, Retail Management Center
Tracy Davis
Director, Career Development Center
Brett Hobby
Director, Insurance and Risk Management Center
Priscilla Oehlert
Director, MDCOB Administration and Operations
Berna McElyea
Director, Business Analytics and Decision Support
Emily Leffler
Director, Student and Advising Services
Benito Robles

Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
DoVeanna Fulton

Associate Dean
David Ryden
Assistant Dean
Crystal Guillory
Chair, Social Sciences
David Branham
Chair, English
Paul Kintzele
Chair, History, Humanities, and Languages
Jeffrey Jackson
Chair, Arts and Communications
Azar Rejaie
Director, Advising Services
Reyna Romero
Director, O’Kane Gallery
Mark Cervenka

Dean, College of Public Service
Jonathan Schwartz

Associate Dean
Kevin Buckler
Assistant Dean
Jerry Wallace
Chair, Criminal Justice Department
Ashley Blackburn
Chair, Urban Education Department
Christal Burnett
Director, Center for Public Service and Community Research
Steven Villano
Director, Criminal Justice Center
Steven Bracken
Program Dir, Title V PTC
Denise Burgan

Dean, College of Sciences & Technology
Akif Uzman

Associate Dean
Ermelinda Delavina
Assistant Dean
Elizabeth Villegas
Chair, Mathematics & Statistics Department
Ryan Pepper
Chair, Computer Science & Engineering Technology Department
Vassilios Tzouanas
Chair, Natural Sciences Department
Rachna Sadana
Executive Director, Scholars Academy
Mary Jo Parker
Director, BSN
Linda Dune

Dean, University College
T. Scott Marzilli

Associate Dean
Carolyn Gascoigne

Director, Gator Success Center
Jemma Caesar
Director, Academic Support Center
Isidro Grau
Interim Director, Academic Advising
Christina Williams

Assistant Dean
Charlie Finch
Program Chair and Senior Lecturer, Applied Administration
Karen Kaser
Program Chair and Senior Lecturer, History
Melissa Hovsepian
Director, Honors Program
Mari Nicholson-Preuss
Director, Talent Search
Brian Flores
Director, Upward Bound
Dawana Lewis
Director, Teaching & Learning Excellence
Gregory Dement

Office of Administration and Finance

Vice President for Administration & Finance
David M. Bradley

Associate Vice President, Information Technology
Hossein Shahrokhi

Executive Director, Information Technology and Deputy CIO
Said Fattouh
Director, IT Infrastructure and Communications Services
Miguel Ruiz
Director, Enterprise Systems
Kong Yin
Director, Information Technology & Business Services
Jackie Smith
Director, Technical Services
Grace Davila
Director, Technology Learning Services
John Lane
Director, User Support Services
Cheryl Robertson
Director, Information Technology Project Management Office
Kimberly Solomon
Director, PeopleSoft Business Processes and Services
Paul Leung

Assistant Vice President, Business Affairs
George W. Anderson

Director, Student Accounting & Collections
Lauren Bellenger
Director, Accounts Payable & Travel Office
Cynthia Conner
Director, Accounting & Financial Reporting
Delethia Murray

Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
Timothy Rychlec

Director, Building Maintenance 
Abraham Flores
Director, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Systems
Kris Zimmerman

Executive Director, Budget, Procurement & Contracts
Theresa Meneley
Executive Director, Public Safety/Police Chief, Police Department
Michael Benford

Director, Emergency Management
Cynthia Vargas
Director, Environment Health and Safety
Edward Arias

Director, Administrative Operations and Compliance
Stefany Records
Director, University Business Services
Mary Torres

Office of Employment Services and Operations

Vice President for Employment Services & Operations
Ivonne Montalbano

Director, Benefits & Compensation
Erica Morales
Director, Payroll and Records
April Frank
Director, Talent Acquisition and Management
Chetiqua Matthews Herron

Office of Advancement and University Relations

Vice President for Advancement & University Relations
Johanna Wolfe

Executive Director, University Relations
Elisa Olsen

Director, Communications
Phillip Emery
Director, Marketing
Toye Simmons

Director, Corporate Relations
Jacob Lipp
Director, Advancement Services and Business Operations
Brian Drake
Director, Alumni Relations
Liza Alonzo
Director, Web & Digital Marketing
Laura Waits