Apr 22, 2024  

Programs of Study in University College

University College

Scott Marzilli, PhD, Dean
Carolyn Gascoigne, PhD, Associate Dean
Charlie Finch, PhD, Assistant Dean
S655, 713-221-8007

University College (UC) supports learning across multiple disciplines and from a variety of perspectives, thus fostering the versatility and creativity essential to success in the 21st Century. It offers two degrees that prepare graduates to adapt to the ever-changing world economy. The baccalaureate degrees in Applied Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies both allow students to refine skills, broaden knowledge, and prepare for personal growth, professional advancement, and graduate school. Additionally, the College provides innovative programming for undergraduate students during their freshman and sophomore years, including coordinating the First Year Experience and the recently created Second Year Experience. Among these academic enhancements are supplemental instruction, peer mentoring & tutoring, academic coaching, and the Greater Texas Foundation Scholars Program (GTF). Interdisciplinary honors programs and faculty development activities to encourage transformative teaching and learning serve the university-wide community.

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Gregory A. Dement, PhD, Director                                                     

A724, 713-221-8280

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) at the University of Houston-Downtown is led by a full-time Director in consultation with an Advisory Board broadly representative of the UHD community. It was established in 2013 to serve as a hub of innovation, collaboration, and scholarship for the purpose of enhancing UHD learning environments and supporting ongoing student success initiatives. These initiatives include improving the first-year experience for students, enhancing the quality of online and hybrid courses, and expanding the use of AAC&U high-impact practices. The center provides all full-time and part-time instructors at UHD with access to a variety of services and resources that address differences in teaching styles and disciplinary pedagogy. These offerings include, but are not limited to, individual consultation, classroom observation, support for the scholarship of teaching and learning, instructional training grants, stipends for participation in faculty teaching circles, professional development workshops, and web-based/print resources. The center is focused on promoting continuous improvement and supporting evidence-based and innovative instructional strategies in order to enhance the vibrant teaching culture at UHD.

University Honors Program

Mari Nicholson-Preuss, PhD, Director                                                     

S405, 713-221-8236

The University Honors Program offers high-achieving intellectually curious students an enriched educational experience. The stimulating curriculum supplemented by a variety of engaging cultural and social activities provides ample opportunities for Honors students to develop as scholars, leaders, and global citizens. An Honors Council composed of elected faculty representatives reviews proposals for the Honors designation for existing courses.  Honors courses are typically small learner-centered courses that delve deeply into the content with inquiry driven lessons taught by exceptional instructors utilizing innovative classroom strategies. Honors students work closely with faculty in a number of academic settings ranging from graduate style seminars to independent research. The Honors Program supports student success through personalized advising as well as peer and faculty mentoring. Admission to the Honors Program is competitive, and scholarships are available.

Graduation with Honors

Students not eligible for University Honors, cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude honors may be eligible for College Honors. Students who have earned a GPA of 3.25 or greater in their last 42 hours earned at UHD, including at least 24 upper-level hours, are eligible to receive the designation, “College Honors.”