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College of Sciences and Technology

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J. Akif Uzman, PhD, Dean
Ermelinda DeLaVina, PhD, Associate Dean
Elizabeth Vilegas, PhD, Interim Assistant Dean

The College of Sciences and Technology provides intellectual discipline and academic experiences essential to a sound education. It offers degrees to prepare students to enter professional schools, technical and scientific careers, graduate study and research. The college offers undergraduate courses and programs in computer science, engineering technology, mathematics, natural sciences and statistics. The degree programs offer opportunities for specialization as well as breadth.

The College of Sciences and Technology places the highest emphasis on quality instruction throughout its programs. Bringing the leading edge of science and technology into the classroom is a major goal that the faculty accomplishes by remaining current and active in their fields of specialization. The College of Sciences and Technology faculty offers students frequent opportunities for undergraduate-level research. The UHD Scholars Academy encourages and supports students to pursue and complete undergraduate degrees through intensive faculty mentoring and engagement in extracurricular activities that promote career success.

UHD Scholars Academy

Mary Jo Parker, EdD, Executive Director
N725, 713 221-8471

The Scholars Academy is a competitive scholarship and mentoring program designed for students who want to major in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering/Engineering Technology, and all areas of Natural Science, including pre-health programs (i.e. medical, dental, nursing, optometry, PA, pharmacy, veterinary). This competitive program is funded through various sources, such as The Brown Foundation, Inc., National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and UHD. Each Academy member receives a scholarship during the academic year; opportunities for summer scholarships and stipends for research participation may also be available. Students applying for admission to the Academy must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0; have a minimum SAT Math and Critical Reading scores of 500 each (for high school applicants); and be enrolled fulltime and majoring in one of the degree programs within the UHD College of Sciences and Technology.

CST Academic Advising

N724, 713-221-5001

The CST Student Advising Center provides services that promote students’ self-responsibility in defining and achieving their educational goals.

The College provides professional advisors to:

  • Advise majors on degrees and graduation requirements
  • Assist with course selection
  • Identify any necessary course substitutions to be approved by the appropriate department chair
  • Provide majors with available minor options at UHD
  • Inform students of college and university academic policies and procedures
  • Advise majors on career preparation and graduate studies

It is important for students to include their full name and UHD ID number in all correspondence and ensure they are checking GatorMail for all email correspondence from the college.

Registering for Courses
To register for coursework, students should begin by reviewing the requirements for their academic degree described in their attached catalog and through the Degree Audit (CAPP) system. After selecting potential courses to fulfill degree requirements and preparing a tentative course schedule, students should meet with a CST academic advisor to review the selected courses, which facilitates the registration process. Courses and their status (open or closed) as well as class times for the academic semester are available online in MyUHD. Students are responsible for being aware and compliant with all degree requirements.

Majors on academic probation who wish to register for courses in a subsequent term must speak with a CST advisor to plan appropriate courses, and then schedule a meeting with the Assistant Dean for course approval. CST majors on academic suspension who have not attended UHD for the preceding long semester must apply for readmission to the university and then consult with the Assistant Dean at least one week prior to the first day of class. With the Assistant Dean’s authorization, the student will be placed on academic probation and permitted to take a limited number of approved courses.

Applying for Graduation
Students planning to graduate from UHD with a major that is housed in CST must file an application for graduation online through their MyUHD account. It is strongly recommended that students meet with a CST Advisor before applying and submitting their graduation request online to ensure that all requirements will be met. Students are responsible for completing all steps described within the online application system.

Deadlines for applications for graduation can be found on the academic calendar (http://www.uhd.edu/academic/calendar.htm) for a given term. Students who do not complete the requirements in the anticipated term must reapply for graduation and repay the graduation fee.

The CST Student Advising Center and Dean’s Office will communicate any information about a student’s application for graduation through GatorMail, so students who have submitted an application for graduation should begin checking their GatorMail routinely for further information and updates upon submission.

Admission and Declaration of Major

Students may be admitted to and declare a major in the College of Sciences and Technology if they meet the following criteria:

General Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

All students seeking a bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston-Downtown must complete the general education requirements including the common core courses, the application courses, and enhancement courses. Fulfillment of general education requirements may vary depending on the degree.


All prerequisites must be satisfied before taking any course offered by the College of Sciences and Technology. Students may be dropped from any class for which they lack a prerequisite or a corequisite. A course that is a prerequisite or corequisite for another course may not be dropped unless the student drops both courses.

Transfer Credits

Students may petition through college advising reevaluation of any transfer credits that were not applied to their degree by the university transfer course articulation process.

Programs of Study in the College of Sciences and Technology  

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