Jul 01, 2022  

Military Leadership Minor

Minor Programs

Students seeking minors in CHSS must maintain a grade point average for all courses taken at UH-Downtown of at least 2.0, receive a grade of C or better in all courses applied toward the minor, and must meet all requirements of the chosen minor, including prerequisites for courses taken toward the minor. All minor programs in the Department of Social Sciences require at least 9 hours upper-level coursework in residence at UHD. Internship/field experience courses may not apply toward any minors in the Department of Social Sciences.

Required Courses

To qualify for a minor in military leadership, students must complete a minimum of 18 semester credit hours of coursework in Military Science, of which:

  • 15 semester credit hours must be advanced.
  • Nine semester credit hours must be completed in residence, of which six semester credit hours must be advanced.
  • Students must also attend advanced camp.

Students must attain a 2.00 grade point average or higher in all military science courses attempted.
Students may receive credit for 1 000- and 2000-level courses based on prior military training, completion of ROTC Basic Camp, completion of JROTC training, or completion of one year at a service academy.

The Following may be used as Substitutes

For MSCI 4398 (and therefore as one of the required UL courses):