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Biology, BS

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Major in Biology (120 hours)

The Bachelor of Science program provides both a broad-based curriculum in the Liberal Arts and in the Natural Sciences and a set of courses specifically in Biology. It is designed to meet the personal and career goals and interests of the student. The program allows the student a certain amount of flexibility in tailoring a degree program to his/her unique needs, yet does so within the confines of a traditional major in biology. This degree is particularly appropriate for students interested in the following areas: dentistry, medicine and related fields that require post-graduate study, public health, graduate work in biological or biomedical sciences, and science education. The Natural Sciences Department also offers a B.S. in Biology with Concentration in Environmental Biosciences, Concentration in Microbiology, or Concentration in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences.

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Common Core Requirements

See the Common Core Requirements  section of the catalog for Undergraduate Academic Programs.

Integrated Requirements in Communication and Ethics

Students pursuing degrees in the Natural Sciences must complete two courses in written communication and one course in ethics. Generally these required courses are integrated into each degree. A list of these required courses is found here .

Major Requirements

Biology Upper Level Options (23 hours)

Select at least one in each of the following areas:

Approved Upper Level Electives

Upper level electives must be taken to complete the minimum 120 hours required for the degree. Up to 6 hours of undergraduate research may be counted toward the degree.

Total: (120 hours)

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