Jul 01, 2022  

Biology, BA

The BA in Biology is broad liberal arts degree that focuses on a limited number of core courses in the sciences and mathematics such that students have up to 26 hours of free electives.  This program allows for the diverse course work for medical and dental professional school admission requirements.  Additionally, this program allows students complete a variety of emerging interdisciplinary minors in the university (e.g., sustainability, bioinformatics, data science) and undergraduate certificates within a 120 hour degree plan. 


Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements

Common Core Requirements

See the Common Core Requirements section of the catalog for Undergraduate Academic Programs.

Please note that BIOL 1301 and BIOL 1302 (General Biology I & II) will satisy the common core and the degree plan requirements.

Integrated Requirements in Communication and Ethics

Students pursuing degrees in the Natural Sciences must complete two courses in written communication and one course in ethics. Generally these required courses are integrated into each degree. A list of these required courses is found here .

Major Requirements

Upper Level Biology

Free Electives

At most, 12 hours of lower-level courses can be used as free electives.