Jun 13, 2024  

General Education & Common Core Requirements

General Education

The granting of a college degree signifies having reached a level of intellectual development that merits formal recognition. Intellectual development can be measured both in terms of depth and breadth of knowledge, and a college degree should signify growth in both dimensions. In most college programs, students demonstrate depth of knowledge by completing courses required in the major field of study.

Breadth of knowledge is demonstrated by satisfying a group of general education requirements that are shared by students in all majors. Whereas the aim of the major field of study is to provide experiences defining membership in a disciplinary community, the aim of the general education program is to provide experiences that define what it means to be a college-educated person. The centerpiece of the general education program is called the “core curriculum” because these courses comprise the core of the college experience. The core curriculum specifically addresses the following outcomes:

  • Think creatively and to innovate
  • Conduct inquiry and analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information
  • Effectively develop, express and interpret ideas through written communication
  • Effectively develop, express and interpret ideas through oral communication
  • Effectively develop, express and interpret ideas through visual communication
  • Manipulate and analyze data or observable facts, resulting in an informed conclusion
  • Consider different points of view
  • Work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal
  • Demonstrate intercultural competence
  • Articulate knowledge of civic responsibility
  • Engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities
  • Connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making

In order to achieve these goals, the general education component of all degrees earned at UH-Downtown consists of courses satisfying these common core requirements.

Common Core Requirements