Apr 22, 2024  

Department of English

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Dagmar Scharold, PhD, Chair
S1045, 713-221-8297


Professors: Agboka, Dahlberg, Duncan, Ellwanger, Jackson, Jager, Schmertz, Sullivan, Thomas
Associate Professors: Bjork, Choudhuri, Dimmick, Farris, Fortunato, Hill, Kintzele, Lund, Moosally, Sample, Scharold, Waters
Assistant Professors: Cesarco Eglin, Jennings, Petts, Raychawdhuri, Villarreal, Veeramoothoo
Lecturers: Casteel, Feliciano, Howard, Jackson-Bridges, Lourence, Seratt, Smith, Wedes
Emeriti: Birchak, Chiaviello, Creighton, Davidson, Dressman, Gilbert, Harned, Jennings, Levy, Pavletich

Academic Areas

Composition and Rhetoric
Creative Writing
Literary Studies
Film Studies
Technical Communication

Programs of Study

The Department of English offers a wide variety of courses designed to improve students’ communication skills and enhance their appreciation of the literature, thought, and culture of the English-speaking world. To accomplish these goals, the department offers focused degrees and wide-ranging service courses.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in English
Bachelor of Science with a major in Technical Communication
Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition
Master of Science in Technical Communication
Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honor Society


The Bachelor of Arts with a major in English gives students grounding in the language and literature of English. This grounding makes students aware of how cultural forces shape English language and literature and how critical approaches illuminate them. The BA in English offers students a range of educational and career options on graduation, including entrance to graduate and professional schools in preparation for careers in academia and such fields as public policy, social work, and law.

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Technical Communication combines the strengths of a solid liberal arts education with practical training and technical expertise. All Technical Communication majors share a core of required upper-level courses and, beyond that core, choose from clusters of courses, and take an internship. The combination of flexibility and focus in the degree enables students to prepare to enter such fields as corporate communications, web design, social media, medical writing, or computer documentation, or to continue their education in graduate or professional schools.

Service Courses

The English Department houses the First Year Composition program which serves the university core curriculum.  The Department’s courses in writing, language, and literature support all degrees offered at the University of Houston-Downtown. In addition, courses taught by department faculty form a major component of the programs of the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and the Bachelor of Science with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. In all the courses it offers, the department seeks to promote cultural and technological literacy and to improve students’ critical thinking skills through analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.




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