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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology, BSET

*The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology program in Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Weining Feng, PhD, Coordinator
N708, 713-221-8591

The main focus of the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology degree program is the application of computer technology and modern electronics to industrial process control and instrumentation systems. As such, the program produces graduates who:

  • have a sound foundation in the analysis, design, testing, and implementation of instrumentation and control systems;
  • are proficient in applying their knowledge (in mathematics, sciences, and engineering), and standard tools, especially computer software and hardware tools, to technical problem solving;
  • are all-around individuals with strong social skills, able to work in team environments, competent in communication and information presentation, and with a strong sense of professionalism;
  • are committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

Control and instrumentation engineering technology has its basis in computer technology, electrical/electronic systems and communication systems. Control and instrumentation specialists are among the most sought-after personnel in the Houston area due to the growing demand from process industries (petrochemical and oil refining), power companies, and energy industries. The broad technical background of control and instrumentation graduates opens up bright employment prospects.

General Requirements for Graduation in Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology (CIET)

In addition to UHD general requirements for graduation, the CIET program requires that all candidates pursuing a degree in CIET can have no more than two grades of “D” in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. All engineering technology (ENGR, ET, and EET) courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the BSET Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology Program will:

  • Have appropriate mastery of the knowledge in electronics, computer technology, data communication, instrumentation and control systems.
  • Be able to apply mathematics as a tool and the concepts of chemistry, physics, and electricity for problem formulation and solutions.
  • Be competent in computer applications and be able to develop applications programs for modeling, simulation, instrumentation, and control of engineering systems.
  • Be able to solve open-ended technical problems and be proficient in the analysis, design, test and implementation of instrumentation and control systems utilizing appropriate software and hardware tools and devices.
  • Be able to effectively communicate technical information and details verbally and in writing.
  • Conduct, analyze and interpret experimental results to improve process.
  • Be able to conduct information searching and processing and identify strategies and the need for life-long learning.
  • Be able to plan and execute project work to achieve the expected goals.
  • Be able to function effectively in team settings.
  • Be able to appreciate ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.
  • Be able articulate the value and role of professional organizations and the responsibility each engineering technology professional has to contribute to the profession through active membership in these organizations and through community service.
  • Be able to identify and uphold professional, ethical and social responsibilities.
  • Be engaged in continuous improvement and self-evaluation, produce quality work; and complete work in a timely manner.

Degree Requirements

Common Core Requirements (42 hours)

See the Common Core Requirements  section of the catalog for Undergraduate Academic Programs. Observe that MATH 2401  satisfies both the mathematics requirement of the Common Core and a mathematics requirement for the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology degree. PHYS 1307 /PHYS 1107  and PHYS 1308 /PHYS 1108  satisfy both the science requirement of the Common Core and a natural science requirement for the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology degree.

Major Requirements

Total: (120 hours)