Apr 22, 2024  

Technical Communication, BS

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Olin Bjork, PhD, Coordinator
S1064 713-223-7925

Program Learning Outcomes
Graduates who earn a BS in Technical Communication will be able to:

  • Design information for print and electronic formats, using multiple modalities.
  • Produce materials that address contexts outside the classroom (real or simulated).
  • Produce documents that meet the needs of diverse audience (same topic for more than one audience such as old/young, lay/technical, multicultural).
  • Conduct and use research effectively.
  • Use ethical standards in citation, visual design, and language.
  • Write clearly and effectively.

Degree Requirements

To complete a BS in Technical Communication, students must satisfy the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” and fulfill the coursework listed below.

Common Core Requirements

See listing under Common Core Requirements  in this catalog.

Preparatory Requirements

(Courses in this area can be reused from the common core)

3 Hours in Software:

Complete 3 semester credit hours from:


*Course may be repeated when topic varies.
^Student may not take both TCOM 4380  and TCOM 4680 .

Supplemental Content Requirements

12 SCHs in Supplemental Content: complete 12 semester credit hours in any single discipline or area of study outside of Technical Communication or 12 hours of writing-intensive courses. At least 9 of these semester credit hours must be at the 33XX or 43XX level.

Free Electives

Upper or lower division courses may be applied to this area, with the exceptions described under the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ,” so that the student’s entire coursework, including the course listed in the above areas, totals 120 semester credit hours.

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