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Philosophy, BA

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Andrew Pavelich, PhD, Coordinator
N1047, 713-221-8094

The Philosophy program at UHD emphasizes both the study of major figures and movements in the history of philosophy as well as the application of philosophical ideas to social and political problems, including questions about the meaning of life. Philosophy not only broadens a student’s horizon of knowledge, but above all develops the capacity for critical thinking, analysis, the art of persuasive writing and reading skills. UHD Philosophy majors are prepared to go on to graduate school in philosophy, as well as to engage in advanced study of law, medicine, and a variety of other disciplines.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates who earn a BA in Philosophy will be able to:

  • Read and understand a philosophical text
  • Construct and analyze a philosophical text
  • Do basic secondary research in philosophy
  • Write a well-reasoned essay
  • Demonstrate mastery of a general knowledge of the history of philosophy
  • Think through perspectives other than their own.
  • Communicate and exchange ideas verbally.

Degree Requirements

To complete a BA in Philosophy, students must satisfy the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” and fulfill the coursework listed below.

Common Core Requirements

See listing under Common Core Requirements  in this catalog.

Preparatory Requirements

(Courses in this area cannot be reused from the common core)

6-8 Hours of Foreign Language:

Complete 6-8 semester credit hours in the same foreign language. Semester credit hours are contingent upon placement exams, courses taken, or transfer credit. Semester credit hours bypassed by placement must be made up in elective credits. Hours earned in excess of three semester credit hours for any foreign language course may be applied to the elective area.

Major Requirements

(Courses in this area are used to calculate the major GPA)

6 Hours in PHIL:

Complete 6 semester credit hours of PHIL, any level.

9 Upper-Level Hours in PHIL:

Complete 9 semester credit hours from the 3000 or 4000 level.

Free Electives

Majors are required to complete a sufficient number of elective semester credit hours so that their entire coursework, including the above requirements, totals 120 semester credit hours. Upper or lower-level courses may be applied to this area, with the exceptions described under the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” section.

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