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History, BA

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Major in History

Austin Allen, PhD, Interim Coordinator
N1007, 713-221-5217

A Bachelor of Arts in History provides students with the intellectual discipline as well as the research, analytical, and communication skills that will prepare them for careers in teaching, government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Students interested in pursuing a professional degree in law, history, library studies, public history, or other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities will find the skills offered by the History Degree to be particularly useful to them in their future studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates who earn a BA in History will be able to:

  • Recognize and identify the significance of historical development in the United States.
  • Recognize and identify the significance of historical global change.
  • Recognize context and make careful generalizations based on factual evidence.
  • Use research skills to effectively locate and present competing historical interpretations of a subject.
  • Apply academic conventions of historical writing, including the development of clear and convincing compositions and the application of proper source attribution.
  • Communicate effectively and succinctly through informed spoken discourse.

NOTE: Students must select either the standard concentration or the education concentration in order to complete a BA in History.

Degree Requirements

To complete a BA in History, students must satisfy the “” and fulfill the coursework listed below.

Common Core Requirements

See listing under  in this catalog.

Preparatory Requirements

(Courses in this area may be reused from the common core)

6-8 Hours of Foreign Language:

Complete 6-8 semester credit hours in the same foreign language. Semester credit hours are contingent upon placement exams, courses taken, or transfer credit. Semester credit hours bypassed by placement must be made up in elective credits. Hours earned in excess of three semester credit hours for any foreign language course may be applied to the elective area.

Major Requirements

(Courses in this area are used to calculate the major GPA)

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