Feb 21, 2024  

Student Success Resources

Academic Resources




Service Provided

Minority Male Success Programs S411 Phone Number: 719-221-5804
E-mail: menoflegaci@uhd.edu 
Academic & leadership support for minority males;

mentoring; cohort based instruction

Gator Success Center N310 Phone Number: 713-221-5805 Academic support for freshmen & sophomores
Accelerated Transfer Academy S417 Phone Number: 713-226-5291

E-mail: ATA@uhd.edu

Academic support for transfer students
Academic Advising Center N320 Phone Number: 713-221-8006
E-mail: uhdadvising@uhd.edu
Academic advising for non-declared students
W.I. Dykes Library N401 Phone Number: 713-221-8187 Research & library resources; reserve study rooms
Writing Reading Center N925 Phone Number: 713-221-8670
E-mail: wrc@uhd.edu
Academic & personal writing support
Math & Statistics Center N925 Phone Number: 713-221-8241
E-mail: mathcenter@uhd.edu
Academic support for mathematical principles
Supplemental Instruction S405 Phone Number: 713-222-5338
E-mail: siprogram@uhd.edu
Tutoring for math, biology, chemistry, physics, history,

philosophy, & political science

University Honors Program S405 Phone Number: 713-222-8236
Enhanced curriculum offering engagement and collaboration
with faculty and peers
Academic Computing Labs Academic Computing Lab Locations Academic Computing Lab Hours Labs Assistive Technology
Science Learning Center N604 Phone Number: 713-221-8015 Academic support for science learning
College of Business Tutoring Center B212 & B214 Phone Number: 713-221-8661 Academic support for business majors
Foreign Language Lab N950 Phone Number: 713-221-8628
E-mail: dejesusa@uhd.edu
Academic support for Spanish language learners

Student Services




Service Provided

Dean of Students S380 Phone Number: 713-221-8100

E-mail: uhdstudentaffairs@uhd.edu

Main source of information for students; oversees student

conduct, rights, responsibilities; assists with

problem resolution

Student Counseling Services S445 Phone Number: 713-500-3852
E-mail: counseling@uhd.edu
Confidential support with addressing personal issues;

identifies community resources

Student Health Services S445 Phone Number: 713-221-8137 Non-urgent clinical health services & medical insurance
Sports and Fitness Student Life Center Phone Number: 713-221-8225
E-mail: sports&fitness@uhd.edu
Recreational sports, equipment, & facilities; fitness

classes; intramural & club sports; healthy workshops

Student Activities S204 Phone Number: 713-221-8573
E-mail: studentactivities@uhd.edu
Student programming & events; manages student clubs

& organizations, Greek Life, student lounge, & e-sports

Career Development Center  S402 Phone Number: 713-221-8980
E-mail: uhdcareer@uhd.edu
Holistic career development and planning

MD College of Business Career Center

B104 Phone Number: 713-221-5011
E-mail: cobcareercenter@uhd.edu
Career development & planning for Business majors


Disability Services GSB 314 Phone Number: 713-221-5078
E-mail: disabilityservices@uhd.edu
Academic accommodations for students with disabilities
Veteran Affairs GSB 318 Phone Number: 713-221-8622
E-mail: uhdva@uhd.edu
Support for veterans,reservists, guardsmen, &

dependents of disabled or deceased veterans

Center for Diversity & Inclusion S370 Phone Number: 713-221-5008
E-mail: uhddiversity@uhd.edu
Safe space to learn about & discuss social justice issues
Study Abroad S345 Phone Number: 713-221-8250
E-mail: studyabroad@uhd.edu
International educational opportunities
Food for Change Program S292 Phone Number: 713-221-5870
E-mail: uhdfoodscholarship@uhd.edu
Fresh food & other basic necessities for students

Enrollment Services




Service Provided

Office of Admissions GSB 308 Phone Number: 713-221-8522
E-mail: uhdadmit@uhd.edu
Admits and acclimates new students to campus; oversees

transfer credits

Financial Aid and Scholarships S350 Phone Number: 713-221-8041
E-mail: uhdfinaid@uhd.edu
Financial support to meet educational needs; oversees

scholarships & work-study

Cashier’s and Student Accounting S310 Phone Number: 713-221-8196
E-mail: cashiers@uhd.edu
Collects payment for tuition & fees; manages book loans
Registrar’s Office N330 Phone Number: 713-221-8999
E-mail: uhdrecords@uhd.edu
Student records, transcripts, course withdrawals, &


Testing Services GSB 311 Phone Number: 713-221-8027
E-mail: uhdtesting@uhd.edu
Proctors local & national tests

Auxiliary Services

Parking & Transportation Services N117 Phone Number: 713-221-8127
E-mail: parking@uhd.edu
Parking permits; shuttle bus service; parking citation appeals
Employment Services and Operations S910 Phone Number: 713-221-8060
E-mail: jobs@uhd.edu
Oversees job openings & hiring; payroll; employee policies
Information Technology Service Desk ACAD 700 Phone Number: 713-221-8031
E-mail: ithelp@uhd.edu
Campus technology support
UHD Bookstore N351 Phone Number: 713-221-8025
E-mail: 2161mgr@follett.com
Buy your textbooks and supplies
UHD Police Department N118 713-221-8911 (emergency) 
713-221-8065 (non-emergency) 
Ensures a secure and safe university environment for UHD community