Jun 13, 2024  

Course Credit and Numbering System

Progress toward the completion of academic work is measured in terms of semester credit hours. One semester credit hour is normally equivalent to one hour of class work, or from one to six hours of laboratory work per week for a semester.

All courses are identified by discipline and number. The first digit of a course number indicates the academic level. Courses in the 1000 series are generally for freshmen, 2000 for sophomores, 3000 for juniors and 4000 for seniors. The 5000 and 6000 series courses are graduate courses. Undergraduates are not allowed to enroll in graduate courses without permission of the academic department which offers the courses. The second digit indicates the number of semester credit hours that the course carries. The third and fourth digits specify a particular course within its discipline.

The three numbers in parentheses after each course title indicate the number of semester credit hours, the number of class hours per week, and the number of additional laboratory or activity hours per week.