Jun 13, 2024  

Spanish, BA

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Paul Mandell, PhD, Coordinator
S1025, 713 226-5277

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at UHD is a 120-hour-credit program that allows students to gain a holistic understanding of the Spanish language and Hispanic/Latino literatures and cultures.

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish program focuses on applying foreign language skills in a variety of environments. As a graduate, you will be well positioned for employment opportunities in which bilingualism as well as excellent knowledge and mastery of Spanish are an asset.

As Spanish majors, students will explore the rich diversity of Hispanic/Latino cultures and dialects, develop and perfect written and oral skills in the Spanish language and study major literary, artistic and cinematic works in Spanish. 

Many UHD students combine their studies in Spanish with other areas to prepare them for twenty-first century career opportunities such as international business, social justice and government, interpreting and translation, analytical linguistics, healthcare, law enforcement, community outreach, and education.

Students also have the option of choosing a minor (minimum of 18 hours) in Spanish-English Translation. Students can earn a minor in one of three Spanish translation tracks - general, medical, or legal. Spanish-English translation minor students will improve their vocabulary and translation skills in both languages and prepare them for jobs in medical and legal settings.

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish is open to all students wishing to major in Spanish, regardless of their initial placement level.

The Spanish Degree Program recognizes that students are better prepared professionally when they combine Spanish with another degree, and thus strongly encourages students majoring in Spanish to double major or to minor in another field of studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates who earn a BA in Spanish will be able to:

LO1: Explain at least two linguistic or translation theories and how they work - or - analyze the historical and literary context of a key Hispanic author, film director, or language theorist

LO2: Deliver clear and comprehensible oral presentations in academic Spanish, using appropriate technology.

LO3: Recognize at least three regional variants of spoken Spanish.

LO4: Engage in and understand professional level conversations in Spanish.

LO5: Analyze complex situations or phenomena within Hispanic Literature, culture, or language to produce coherent written arguments.

Degree Requirements

To complete the B.A. in Spanish, students must satisfy the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” listed in the catalog. Courses that award semester credit hours in excess of 3 for any foreign language course may be applied toward a free elective. Graduating seniors must submit a portfolio with their best assignments, chosen from the work completed in any of their upper-level Spanish courses at UHD. They must also complete an approved internship and SPAN 4380 satisfactorily.


Common Core Requirements

See listing under Common Core Requirements  in this catalog.

21 upper-level SCHs:

In addition to the above, students must complete an additional 21 upper-level semester credit hours in Spanish. Students are required to take one upper-level class in Literature/Culture (SPAN 3324, 3340, 3342, 3380, 3385; 4340, 4342, 4343), and one upper-level class in Linguistics (SPAN 3360, 4310, 4365).

Free Electives

Majors are required to complete a sufficient number of elective semester credit hours so that their entire coursework, including the above required courses, totals 120 semester credit hours. Upper or lower-level courses may be applied to this area, with the exceptions described under the “Requirements for CHSS Majors ” section.

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